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Orders will be processed within 2-3 days whenever possible.
Please wait for an email confirmation stating that your order is ready, before arriving for pick up.
All sales are final….no exchanges, refunds or returns.  Please ensure your order can be taken home in one trip, as orders will not be split.
Our product is updated regularly and we have new arrivals coming in daily.  Our online shop is a small reflection of all we carry, if you do not see what you’re looking for, please email your inquiry to shopmeadowacres@gmail.com.


Due to the variable weights of different bulk products (stone, mulch, soil), the quantity and weight that a truck is able to carry, as well as the delivery rates for different postal codes and their proximity to Meadow Acres Garden Centre, an email is required for bulk product delivery and cannot be ordered online.

Please email shopmeadowacres@gmail.com your inquiry to discuss the delivery rate associated with your preferred product and quantities.  Delivery date, time and the area you want your product unloaded will be discussed.

Bulk Soil and Mulch Yardage Calculator

This calculator takes length and width of your yard, flowerbed, or other area, and the inches of depth desired, and gives you the total number of yards needed. Rounds up the nearest whole number.

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