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Boston Ferns…..now available!


This full, easy-care, fern grows well on porches and patios as well as indoors, gracing your front hall or living room. Boston ferns produce arching branches covered with soft, emerald-green fronds.

It does best in high humidity and with consistently moist soil. Outdoors it thrives in shade or part shade, and appreciates protection from hot, drying winds. Indoors, it likes a medium to bright spot (but out of direct sun) and protection from hot, dry air coming from heating vents. Boston ferns enjoy being misted when grown inside over the winter. Fertilize every two months with a liquid houseplant fertilizer.


10″ pot only $24.99 each


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Explore our plant finder tool to help you find the right plant for your landscape and garden space. You have the option to search by broad categories, specific key words or plant names.

The plants listed in our plant finder data base are plants that we regularly offer. We have a huge selection available for our customers.

In the event that plants are unavailable we will endeavour to source out the plant for our customers or our knowledgeable staff can offer a recommendation for an appropriate substitution.


Welcome to Meadow Acres Garden Centre

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One of Waterloo Region’s gems, we are located right next door to Kitchener. Our range of plants is astounding with everything from annuals, perennials, shrubs, evergreens and even fully mature trees for an instant garden. We stock tools and garden supplies as well as all the sundries, sprays and plant and lawn food you could ever need. Select your garden mulch and accent stones to complete your project from our 2 acre bulk yard. Also, we have a 3 year guarantee on our nursery stock. 

Meadow Acres Garden Centre is a gardener’s paradise, but you don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy it. Browse around the gifts, indoor and outdoor furniture and decor, fashionable apparel, accessories and so much more!

Discover everything for your indoor and outdoor living.



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Bulk Soil and Mulch Yardage Calculator

This calculator takes length and width of your yard, flowerbed, or other area, and the inches of depth desired, and gives you the total number of yards needed. Rounds up the nearest whole number.


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